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Different types of online stores


Many individuals and companies are engaged in the sale of products, which must be distributed for a reliable and secure channel. Currently, the online stores have become a solution for those who, through the internet, are looking to sell their products and services.


That is why different scripts have been created to solve these needs. There are different types of online stores, among which are: Magento, WooCommerce for VPS Hosting, OpenCart, PrestaShop, although there are some other options available but the mentioned one have more preference.


Magento is a current eCommerce solution, which is based on open source PHP. With the Magento online store, users can have the best alternative in terms of positioning in search engines, plus it is a very inexpensive to customize. Using this open source solution, no doubt you can adapt and submit your virtual store with an impressive appearance.


PrestaShop is another script similar to Magento and perhaps enjoys greater popularity. One of the main advantages we have with the development shop online is that each site is fully customizable, allowing between one store and another can see a huge difference in both the graphic, as in the operation of the site itself. One of the great benefits is that this system is also free and has very good stability.


OpenCart is perhaps the least known of these three alternatives, but without any doubt, is just as good as Magento and PrestaShop. Easy to handle, with a very fluid system to present the products and also very friendly for search engines, this script is a potential gold mine.


A store as is a system that can use as above, or even be created and designed from scratch to be completely original and have special features that depend on what the owner wants.